Mobile App CrewPORTAL

Mobile App CrewPORTAL


The seafarer’s access to their company’s crewing system. A web-based app customized/optimized for any kind of Smartphone, Tablet PC and iPad. Designed to give the seafarer a part of OMEGA’s database literally in their hands. 

Our web based CrewPORTAL is an online platform specifically designed for management and for crew communication. It serves as a centralised hub where seafarers can access important information, collaborate and communicate with each other and their supervisors or managers.   

The CrewPORTAL include features such as: 

Payslips: access to payslips and the possibility to confirm and approve them. 

Planning: view upcoming schedules sign-on and sign-off periods—and training course planning. 

Document handling: the portal allows seafarers to access important documents such as training materials, manuals, company policy and procedures. These documents can be organized and are easily searchable within the portal. 

Training and Certification expiration: the seafarer to receive notifications and reminders for upcoming training and certificate renewal. Additionally, uploading of new documents for the crewing department (to be approved by company). 

Surveys: once a training/course has been completed, the company can request the seafarer to evaluate the training provider by using CrewPORTAL. 

Overall, our web-based crew portal helps streamline communication, enhance collaboration and improve efficiency. It helps crewing, making it easier to access information and stay organized.