Mobile App CloudOMEGA

Mobile App CloudOMEGA 

As default, OMEGA is an office version for the main office and agencies. However, often it is required to be able to access data from distance and for that, we offer several mobile solutions.

CrewPORTALEN is for the seafarer to can get access through a Mobile Phone or an iPad. Any kind of mobile device are working, as long as an internet connection is available. Using the CrewPORTAL the seafarer can get access to information such as the Payslips, Documents, Company News and info, Contract, expiring certificates and planning info.


The CloudOMEGA is an amazing add-on to your OMEGA Endeavour XE  version. This is the latest mobile version optimized especially for SmartPhones—and it gives you a part of the OMEGA Database literally in your hands. 

With CloudOMEGA in your hand – you have the best posibility to monitor the latest crew details, vessel information, agent information and many Dashboard presentations  —when you are ”on the road”.

CloudOMEGA is a mobile version of OMEGA – accessing the same data as you have inside OMEGA, such as: Crew Details, Crew Photo, Crew Certificates, Sea Services, Crew Planning, Crew Appraisals, Crew List, Rank List, Vessel Schedule, Agent Details, TO-DO information, Payroll info, Work Hours, Rest Hour Violations – and a direct link to SMS, WhatsApp and Viber in case you want to contact the crew.

MobileApp CloudOMEGA