SERTICA – A Technical Management System

SERTICA – Maintenance, Procurement and Safety 

SERTICA is a Technical Management System used by shipping companies worldwide. It streamlines internal processes within maintenance, procurement and safety. You achieve optimized performance, increased transparency and reduced operational costs. It secures a stable communication and data management between the main office and your vessels. SERTICA is a Technical Management System that revolutionizes the way ship management operates and provides a strong foundation for company growth. You work in the same program across departments to create synergy. As an example, planned maintenance jobs are related to upcoming inspections and notifies procurement automatically if new spare parts are needed.  


Maintenance Management Program 

SERTICA Maintenance Management Program is designed to manage, monitor and document maintenance activities. Planning maintenance in a Technical Management System saves you time and money because it reduces downtime and improves internal efficiency.  

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Procurement Management Program 

SERTICA Procurement Management Program centralizes all procurement in the main office with paperless and streamlined workflows.  It provides functionality that covers the entire procurement flow enabling you to optimize procurement processes electronically in your shipping company. It gives a clear overview of relevant data, including spare parts and supplier information, which can easily be exchanged between the vessel and the main office. 

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Safety Management Program 

SERTICA Safety Management Program is a database with all relevant information in relation to Health, Security, Quality and Environment. It digitalizes all processes – also when inspectors come onboard to conduct inspections.  Keep track of all certificates, near misses, safety documents, event reporting, inspections, audits, risk assessments, IHM, MRV, TMSA, vetting and much more in one central Safety Management Program. With a Safety Management Program, you ensure that you follow all relevant standards and policies, so your fleet is always in total compliance. 

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SERTICA Mobile Apps 

SERTICA Technical Management System includes several mobile apps to simplify your internal processes and increase productivity. You can manage stock, maintenance jobs, safety related forms, approvals and inspections from your phone or tablet. All SERTICA apps support off-line functionality, which means that you can operate the app without any network connection and synchronize with SERTICA once you get wi-fi.  


SERTICA by RINA Digital Solutions

RINA Digital Solutions has more than 30 years of global experience in development and implementation of Technical Management Systems. The SERTICA system is DNV/BV certified and support is offered from more than 200 offices worldwide. In 2020, Soft-Team and RINA Digital Solutions joined forces to offer one single software vendor to front a solution including both a Technical Management System and Crewing.


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