Payroll Software

Payroll Software

OMEGA has a comprehensive and powerful payroll engine which is designed to meet the most demanding requirements from global organisations. It manages salary accounts in different languages and different currencies and several national tax rules and regulations are supported. The system is specially designed for the payroll- and crewing department, which is in charge of salary accounts and accounting. OMEGA is a Danish product and the payroll module has been developed in co-operation with several  shipping companies during the last 25 years. OMEGA is a fully multi-user system and is organised in several different modules, each module specially optimized for its purpose. Originally OMEGA was developed as a pure Payroll System and due to that fact the Payroll Module is highly powerful and able to customize to any agreement.


Payroll Overview

The Payroll Module includes all necessary routines for payroll and salary accounts. The daily routines include e.g.: maintain salary accounts, accounting, requests and many reports. The monthly routines include e.g.: electronic transfer of pension, compensation, statistics, and money transfer to banking systems. Furthermore, a long list of different closing routines, all controlled and handled by the end user.


Salary Calculation

OMEGA’s built-in payroll engine is completely adjustable and gives the user the possibility to  change or add his/her own calculations. Each  paycode is 100% adjustable and combined user defined paycodes and the payroll calculator can handle any kind of agreement. Several national tax and payroll calculations are already handled, and among them are the following:


Automatic Payroll Calculation

OMEGA has an automatic payroll engine which is used for calculating the different wage accounts. It is based on a Wage Template for each agreement to ensure correct calculation for all agreements.


Manual Payroll Calculation

The manual payroll engine is used when entering the salary accounts one by one, which in many cases is the best solution. Also daily ad-hoc accounts, final wage accounts and corrections are normally done manually, as the user is 100% in charge of each paycode (line) on the salary account.


Earnings and Deductions

The earnings and deductions, which normally are received from the Master on board the vessel,  can either be imported directly from the vessel, entered continuously during the month or entered manually when creating the wage accounts.



OMEGA is able to handle and pay out special allotment and standard allotment during or at the end of each month. The money transfer routine will send each amount to the bank or to a remote agency.


Money Transfer

Money can be transferred from OMEGA and directly into many different banking systems. This function will eliminate double work and all needed information, such as account no, IBAN-No, SWIFT-code, receivers name etc. is held by OMEGA. Currently 45 bank interfaces exists world wide.


Summary and Highlights

· A very flexible payroll system where almost everything can be controlled by the user.

· User defined paycodes and calculations

· User defined reports

· Multi currency and language handling

· Integration with many banking systems

· Integration with many financial systems

· Easy handling of Earnings and Deductions

· Flexible import and export routines

· Adjustable reports

· Adjustable to any kind of agreement

· Automatic and Manual Wage Calculation

· Monthly wage, final wage, sick wage, leave pay


Wage Scales and Personal Salary

OMEGA has a comprehensive control of wage scales per agreement, rank, seniority and currency. But also personal salary on individual agreements can easily be managed. OMEGA will automatically use most recent valid wage scale when calculating the salary account.


Accounting Interfacing

OMEGA is integrated with a wide range of Accounting  Systems such as: Navision, XAL, Axapta, SAP, J.D.Edwards, ShipNet, Agresso and Visma. Using these interfaces the accounting from OMEGA can easily be imported into the accounting draft of the company’s Financial System.


Payslips by E-mail or via CrewPORTAL

OMEGA has a built-in routine for sending the payslip by email. Using that functionality it is very easy to send the payslips directly to each crew member’s own private email account. It is possible to control if all or only part of the crew members should receive their payslip by email. The payslips can also be transferred to OMEGA’s web based CrewPORTAL.



The Payroll Module contains more than 50 predefined reports ready to use, e.g.:

· Payslip in individual language and currency

· Accounting Report

· Financial Report

· Daily, monthly and yearly closing reports

· Wage Contracts

· Paycode Specification

· Account Specification

· Crew Totals and Accumulation Report

· Leave Pay and Overtime Account

· Insurance and Pension Report

· Money Transfer Specification Report

· Tax Specification Report


International Payroll Routines

OMEGA has a wide range of international payroll modules and interfaces built into the flexible payroll engine. As default OMEGA can calculate payroll for any kind of agreement, and for reporting to authorities a long list of electronic transfer routines are available. Below is an overview of the most important of them.


Danish Payroll

· Reporting to SKAT Authorities for DIS & DAS

· Reporting to Danish Maritime Authority

· Reporting to Seafarers Authority

· Reporting to Danish Shipowners’ Association

· Reporting to all Danish Bank’s, such as: PBS, BEC, Nordea, DanskeBank, JyskeBank, BG Bank

· Reporting to Pensions Fund PFA, PensionDK, HTS-Pension, Nordea Liv

· Reporting of Vacation Cards

· Reporting of Tax Card & eIncome


Swedish & Norwegian Payroll

· Swedish & Norwegian Tax Tables

· Pre-Salary Calculation

· Reporting to Tax Authorities

· Reporting to “Rederistöd”

· Reporting to “Transportstyrelsen”

· KU, FORA, CSR, COINS, Regress reporting

· SEB-Bank & Bankgirot Interface


Finnish Payroll

· Tulorekisteri Reporting

· Finnish Tax Calculation

· Finnish Tax Card Requests

· Reporting to Vero Skatt

· Reporting to Trafi

· SEPA Money Transfer

· Leave Days & Annual Leave Days calculation

· SMU, SLPL, SKPL reporting

· MEK reporting

· MEPA reporting


Singapore Payroll

· CPF Reporting to Authorities

· Central Provident Fund (CPF) calculation

· AIS Report and upload to Authorities

· IR8A Report and upload to Authorities

· CDAC, ECF, MBMF, SINDA calculation

· Singapore Citizen G/G, F/G calculation

· Singapore SPR calculation

· Singapore UOB Bank Interface

· Singapore Standard Chartered Bank Interface

· SDL—Skills Development Levy


Filipino Payroll

· Manila BPI-Bank Interface


Greenlandic Payroll

· Greenland Bank Interface

· Greenland Monthly A1 Reporting

· Greenland Yearly A11 Reporting

· Greenland Authority Reporting


Faroese Payroll

· Føroya Banki Bank Interface

· EIK Bank Interface

· Transfer to Faroe Island Authorities


German Payroll

· Deutsche Bank Interface

· Deutsche Bundesbank EuroSystem Interface