Tanker Vessel Management

Tanker Vessel Management

The Tanker Vessel Management module is designed specially for shipping companies operating tanker vessels. Using the Tanker Vessel Module will provide a selection of functionalities required to operate a tanker fleet and not least fulfil the increasing number of requirements from major oil companies. 

Officers Matrix

OMEGA fully support and can generate the Officers Matrix Report fulfilling oil majors requirements and regulations from OCIMF. 

OCIMF and Q88 Interface  (interface as per April 24th 2023)

OMEGA has an approved built-in interface to OCIMF and Q88 which makes it very easy to upload the Officers Matrix directly from OMEGA to OCIMF and Q88. No extra work is needed. Simply click the “Upload” button and data is instantly available on their respective websites. 

Functionality & Future Matrix

The Tanker Vessel Management module utilizes the historic sea service information already stored in OMEGA. Officer’s tanker certificates can be entered along with their sea service experience from previous employers. When printing the Officers Matrix, OMEGA will always recalculate and present the resulting matrix based on the currently scheduled crew or based on the future crew planning. That way it is possible to check oil company’s compliance and make corrections, if needed, before the crew change  takes place.

OMEGA will warn the users on screen in case of violations of oil company requirements. The matrix requirements can be adjusted individually to each company as the rules may differ. 

Crew Matrix Optimizer

OMEGA has a built-in Crew Matrix Optimizer with the purpose of locating the optimal combination of e.g.   Master/Ch. Off. and Ch. Eng./2nd Eng. when calculating and comparing their combined sea service experience. This unique functionality will quickly calculate the matrix experience for all officers and (in a graphic way) show who is compatible with whom – and still comply with the oil majors. 

Oil Company Matrix Requirement

The Tanker Vessel Management module supports, among others, the following oil companies’ matrix requirements: