Add-On Module

Add-On Module Flight Request

OMEGA has functionality for requesting electronically flight tickets towards different travel agencies. This makes it easy to request and receive the electronic ticket (the eTicket) directly into OMEGA. 
VCK Travel in Holland has the interface Crew.NET, which in short is a link between the Crew Planning Module (OMEGA) and Amadeus Travel Platform. During more than 10 years, Soft-Team and VCK Travel has built a strong and close cooperation in order to integrate OMEGA and Crew.NET.
Crew.NET: Efficient and easy to use
Organising crew replacements 100% efficiently? With Crew.NET, VCK Marine Travel can offer you an effective tool. Experience progress. With Crew.NET from VCK Marine Travel, you can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of your operations.
How Crew.NET works
Enjoy the benefits of Crew.NET. Your crew replacements can be requested completely online, using data from OMEGA’s planning system. Crew.NET translates these into a booking request. Visa information, IMO number and important passport details are directly copied from OMEGA into our own booking systems. Flights can be added to the request. The complete booking and relevant extra details are then fed back into your organisation’s crew planning system.
Prevent mistakes
Our automation of the booking process saves your organisation a lot of time, particularly if you compare it with regular booking by phone or email. Moreover, this method prevents mistakes.
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OMEGA – Crew.NET Video Presentation