Add-On Module

Add-On Module Gangway Control

Omega Gangway Control Module is a flexible, powerful and user-friendly system to handle the increased security requirements at sea.
ID Crew Cards
The ID-Card Module includes all needed hardware and software to issue personalised plastic ID Crew Cards for all employees within the company. The cards can be printed with e.g. name, rank, photo, company logo and barcode or magnetic stripe.
The card design can easily be changed by the supplied software to match the company. When printing the crew cards, it is possible to have different layout of the cards, e.g. one background for the crew staff and another background for the office staff ashore.
All plastic ID-cards can be printed in full-color on both sides of the cards.
Visitor Cards
The program also offers full control and handling of visitors. In an easy way, OMEGA stores all needed information regarding visitors, which can be printed on a daily Visitor’s Log.
Gangway Control
When crew members are crossing the gangway, the Gangway Control Module automatically stores the information in OMEGA’s database. With the barcode or the magnetic scanner, all crew members are easily registered in OMEGA and at any time, it is possible to view and print current accurate crew lists based on the  scanned ID-cards.
The following highlights are included in the Module:
Create own personalised ID Crew Cards
Scan crew members at sign On/Off
Scan visitors during sign On/Off 
Full control of the current Crew List 
Print of Gangway Crew List
Full control of Visitor Cards 
Daily print of Visitor’s Log 
Automatic check of expired certificates for all crew members on board
Possibility to input gangway manually in case of  lost or damaged ID card
Replication of gangway data between ship and office.