OCIMF - Integration

Tanker Vessel Integration to OCIMF


The OCIMF integration module is designed specially for shipping companies operating tanker vessels. Using the OCIMF module provides a list of routines – and the direct integration and upload of crew matrix informations to OCIMF web site.

Automatic Upload to OCIMF

OMEGA automatically uploads’ the Officers Matrix information to OCIMF. This is a huge time saver in the daily work for the crewing department. Managing tanker vessels has never been easier.

Crew Matrix Optimizer

OMEGA has a built-in Crew Matrix Optimizer with the purpose of locating the optimal combination of e.g.   Master/Ch. Off. and Ch. Eng./2nd Eng. when calculating and comparing their combined sea service experience. This unique functionality will quickly calculate the matrix experience for all officers and (in a graphic way) show who is compatible with whom – and still comply with the oil majors.

OCIMF and Oil Major Requirement

The OCIMF Tanker Vessel module supports the sea service experience required for all oil majors.

Crew Experience

Update crew information with relevant sea service experience

Vessel Types

Enterring sailing time for different type of tanker vessels


Calculating Officers Matrix in compliance with OCIMF requirements

Upload to OCIMF

Full integration to OCIMF online web site database

Officers Matrix Report

Generating weekly matrix reports for OCIMF sea service uploads

Oil Majors

OCIMF interface supports all oil majors: e.g. BP, Statoil, Shell, Total, Exxon, Q8