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Seafarers Online Evaluation System


General SOES

Seafarers Online Evaluation System is an easy-to-use and uncomplicated module to be integrated with OMEGA. It is specially designed for the superintendent and other staff which should comment and evaluate e.g. the senior officers within the company.



All persons who have been granted access to the SOES system can maintain and modify their own comments and evaluations for a specific senior officer.From a vessel and crew list with the crew, users can select the crew member to comment. The list includes photo (linked from OMEGA’s E-doc system) to make sure that the correct person is selected. All information is automatically stored and saved in OMEGA’s crew and appraisal database for further analysis and print. OMEGA’s built-in TO-DO function will notify the respective end users whenever new information and/or comments from the evaluators are received in the SOES system.



The SOES module contains several built-in reports, e.g.:

  • Basic senior officer reports
  • Reports incl. comments per evaluator
  • Report sorted by user specification
  • Statistics for each senior officer
  • Statistics for each evaluator



The module is easy to access for the superintendent and whenever suitable, they can enter comments and evaluations of the officers.No data gets lost as comments are saved directly into OMEGA’s database. At any time the crew manager at the office can search and print all comments and evaluations for a specific crew member and/or group of officers. OMEGA has a built-in easy-to-use and quick query tool, to specify and search for e.g. rank, vessel, nationality, evaluator and evaluation date.



Access to the Seafarers Online Evaluation System can be either directly from inside OMEGA or via the remote Internet access. That way e.g. the superintendents on travel can easily access, evaluate and comment the officers from hotel rooms or any other remote location with an Internet access.