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OMEGA is a flexible, powerful and user-friendly crew management system designed to meet the most demanding requirements from global organiza-tions.The system is specially designed for the payroll and crewing department, which is in charge of crew planning and salary accounts.

OMEGA is a Danish product for global use and has been developed in co-operation with several shipping companies during many years. We continue to develop the software in order to have one of the best products on the market.

Crew History & SeaService
OMEGA has a detailed crew history, where every assignment is registered and stored. All kinds of assignments can be entered e.g. onboard period, time at home, courses, sickness and travel.

Also all previous sea service can be registered into the system including information on vessel types and position. When calculating sea service experience OMEGA uses both the crew history and sea service.

This also gives the possibility to print a Crew List based on any date presently or in the past.

Crew Management
The Crew Management module is the basic module and includes all necessary routines for managing the crew information. OMEGA contains a large and informative database with crew information such as

  • Personal Basic Data
  • Crew Document (Passport, Visa, SeamansBook)
  • Crew Certificates
  • Contract Information
  • Clothing information
  • Medical and Vaccinations
  • Next of Kin
  • Contract Information
  • Courses and Certificates
  • Sailing History & Sea Service
  • Evaluations and Appraisal Forms
  • Payroll related information

Electronic Document Handling (E-DOC)
E-DOC is a module, which makes it possible to hold documents, scanned certificates, digital images and other external files. The purpose is to quick and easy to browse through all scanned documents. The electronic documents can easily be viewed, printed or emailed to the vessel or an agent by OMEGA’s built-in mail client program.

Payroll Administration
OMEGA was originally build as a complete payroll system for seafareres, hence the payroll module can be used for basically any kind of agreement and nationality, such as Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Greenlandish, Faroe Island, Philippino, Polish and all other european citizen.

The Payroll Module includes all necessary routines for payroll and salary accounts. The daily routines include e.g.: Maintain salary accounts, accounting, requests and many reports. The monthly routines include e.g.: electronic transfer of pension, compensation, statistics, and money transfer to several banking systems. Further more a long list of different closing routines. All handled by user defined paycodes and calculations.

Crew Planning
The Crew Planning Module allows long term planning based on each ship’s Manning setup including information on service days (onboard days), vacations, courses, travel days etc.

The module is using a graphic long term planning illustration (Gant Chart) which gives the user the possibility to apply different colours for different tasks.

Furthermore the system contains an advanced search routine which is used to find the optimal crew members for a scheduled crew change. Items like valid certificates, leave, availability, check for overlapping schedules etc. are all in force during scanning.

Crew Change Letter, Travel Letter, Travel Plans, Crew Change Check List, Letter of Guarantee, Invitation Letter etc. can be printed to each crew member or emailed directly for each person or an agency.

The system is equipped with a flexible and powerful End-User Report Writer, which allows the user to modify existing reports and creating new reports.

Modules and Highlights

  • Crew Administration Module
  • Crew Planning Module
  • Appraisal Module
  • Course- and Certificate Planning
  • Electronic Document Handling
  • Job-Base for applicants
  • Statistic Module
  • End-User Report Writer
  • Graphic vessel position with “drag and drop”
  • Integrated e-mail client
  • Omega Replicator
  • Vessel Certificates and Project Management
  • Omega Export Module
  • Remote User Module
  • Stevedoring Module
  • More than 100 pre-defined reports & letters e.g. Crew List, Address list, Crew Change Plans, Course list, Travel Letters, Statistics, Medical list, Check list, qualification list, contracts etc.
  • A very flexible system, where almost everything is parameterised by the user and company User-defined paycodes and user-defined calculations, which makes it adjustable to any kind of agreement
  • Salary accounts in different languages
  • Full currency and language handling
  • Handling any kind of trades and vessel flags
  • Integrated with many electronic banking systems
  • Integrated with accounting and economy system
  • Powerful end-user report writer integrated in all payroll modules
  • Handling earnings and deductions
  • Electronic transfers

Course/Certificate Planning
The Course and Certificate module contains routines for administration of each crew member’s certificates and courses.

It has several reports, incl. course letters, course list, list of expirations etc. It also includes automatic monitoring and warnings for the user, whenever an expiry date is approaching or overdue.

The Course Planning module offers routines when planning courses for the crew members. Course letters can be printed, and when a course is approved each crew members Crew History and Course History are automatically updated. Built-in queries make it easy to find crew members at home and available for a certain course in the future. That way the course planning will be more efficient.

Whenever a course or certificate’s expiry date is approaching, the user will be warned on the screen. In this way, the Crew manager can secure and renew the certificates in time. The warning can also be emailed directly to the crew member, so he/she can take action instantly.

Rest Hour Analyzer
Using the OMEGA Rest Hour Analyzer it is possible for the office, in a very easy way, to monitor all rest hour registrations received from the vessels. With built-in fast search routines a non conformance overview including explanation of violation can easily be shown.

Selections can be made in order to customize to print and overview on different parameters, such as:

  • Period (month, quarterly, yearly)
  • Vessel (or group of vessels)
  • Rank (or group of ranks)
  • Reason Code
  • Violation rule
  • Rest Hour non conformances by Reason
  • Rest Hour non conformances by Capacity
  • Rest Hour non conformances by Vessel

Summary of non conformance violations can also be shown on request and all results can be transferred directly into MS-Excel for further analyze.

Each Rest Hour calculation can be summarized on the highest level or specified down to each crew member.

Applicant Handling
OMEGA’s job database is used for personal information about the applicants. Either an application will be received through the Applicant Web Interface, or it can be manually inserted in the job database. The module has many search criteria and also the possibility to search for applicants holding a specific certificate or course. If an applicant from OMEGA’s job database is employed all data entered in the job database will be transferred to the crew database automatically.

OMEGA has integration to a wide range of Financial Systems, such as ShipNet, Navision XAL, Axapta and SAP, and is able to make money transfer to more than 20 different internatonal banking systems.