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The OMEGA Dashboard is a unique tool for graphic presentation of basically any kind of information from OMEGA’s database., such as:

  • Crew data / History / Actuals
  • Payroll data
  • Leave, Overtime, Sickness
  • Appraisals / Performance Reports
  • Competences & Training Courses
  • Rest Hours and Working Hours
  • Sign-off Reasons
  • Manning / Safe Manning Reports
  • Age Profiles

All queries are controlled by user-defined SQL-scripts which give a highly customizable configuration. The Dashboard can present meaningful data to aid decision making and provides mission-critical corporate information.


SEAMANAGER Document Browser

This function gives the possibility to read and see all documents received from the vessel´, using SEAMANAGER.



SmartPhone Access

OMEGA has a built-in SmartPhone Access Routine which can transfer the seafarer’s contact information to the SmartPhone in order to give the staff at the company access to the basic information for each seafarer (e.g. name, email, telephone, mobile phone).

Often some crew information is needed during the evening or weekend and with this SmartPhone Access module installed, OMEGA can easily create a complete image with the basic contact information on a special web-site optimized for access using SmartPhone. It is optimized for SmartPhones such as iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile phones, but it also works perfect on the new BlackBerry or an iPad.

Some of the basic functions are the following:

  • Crew contact information
  • Crew Lists for each vessel
  • Crew at Home
  • Crew on board
  • List of active officers
  • List of active ratings
  • Agent and other company contact information
  • Vessel contact information

Using the phone’s built-in “hyperlink” an email, SMS or telephone call can be performed with just one click.



Rest Hour Analyzer

Using the OMEGA Rest Hour Analyzer it is possible for the office, in a very easy way, to monitor all rest hour registrations received from the vessels. With built-in fast search routines a non conformance overview including explanation of violation can easily be shown. Selections can be made in order to customize to print and overview on different parameters, such as:

  • Period (month, quarterly, yearly)
  • Vessel (or group of vessels)
  • Rank (or group of ranks)
  • Reason Code
  • Violation rule
  • Rest Hour non conformances by Reason
  • Rest Hour non conformances by Rank
  • Rest Hour non conformances by Vessel


Summary of non conformance violations can also be shown on request and all results can be transferred directly into MS-Excel for further analysis. Each Rest Hour calculation can be summarized on the highest level or specified down to each crew member.



SMS Module

OMEGA has a built-in SMS function, which makes it possible to send a SMS directly from inside OMEGA to any mobile phone. The SMS interface is integrated in several places in the crewing module as well as the planning module. The outgoing queue keeps track of all SMS messages sent from OMEGA.

Via the SmartSMS function it is possible to send the same SMS to multiply receivers. This is especially handy e.g. if a flight is delayed and information quickly needs to be given to all persons on a specific crew change. The SMS module works through an external SMS-supplier and OMEGA have integration to several different 3rd party SMS companies.