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Ferry & Passenger Ship’s Module



The OMEGA Ferry & Passenger Ship’s Module is an uncomplicated Windows system developed to assist executing some of the tasks performed by captain, chief officer, hotel manager, shop manager and other crew staff on board ferries and passenger ships. The module is easy to use and hence suited for installation on board with only little education or at the office.



Using simple and well arranged screens you can create and maintain information which is necessary for day to day operation of the ferry or passenger ship, including a very advanced and flexible working hour registration module.


Turn Planning Module

The basis for controlling the crew is done using OMEGA’s turn-module. In the Turn-module maintaining the current crew and plans for a crew changes takes place. It is possible to plan as far ahead as desired. The ship can be split into departments, allowing the managers to plan for their department. The graphic planning provides a manageable view of current month. Working hours and overtime is also maintained in the Turn-module.

The information in the Turn-module is used to generate several reports, e.g. Crew Lists, Crews Effects List and List of Certificates.


Fire and Rescue module

The fire and rescue module is used for maintaining fire cards and printing various reports connected to fire cards. Every fire card is assigned to a fire group and a rescue station. Groups and stations are maintained individually, and all reports are selectable by group/station.

Fire Drills

Weekly and monthly fire drills can be entered and updated in this module. Reporting on participants in previous fire drills, and checking who has not participated in a fire drill.



The following reports are included in our basic package:

  • Crew Lists
  • Crew List incl. Passengers and Vehicles
  • Visitor List
  • Crews Effects List
  • Turn list
  • Certificate lists
  • List of crew on-signing
  • List of crew off-signing
  • List of fire cards
  • List of fire drills
  • List of certificates by person
  • Statistics on working hours and overtime
  • Gangway Crew Lists
  • Travel Plans