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SmartPhone Access from iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile Phone, Blackberry & iPad.


OMEGA has a built-in SmartPhone Access Routine which can transfer the seafarers contact information to the SmartPhone in order to give the staff at the company an access to the basic information for each sea farer (e.g. name, email, telephone, mobile phone).

Often some crew information are needed during the evening or weekend and with this SmartPhone Access module installed, OMEGA can easily create a complete image with the basic contact information on a special web-site optimized for access using SmartPhone. It is optimized for SmartPhones such as  iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile phones, but it also works perfect on the new BlackBerry or an iPad.



Some of the basic functions are the following:

  • Crew contact information
  • Crew Lists for each vessel
  • Crew at Home
  • Crew Onboard
  • List of active officers
  • List of active ratings
  • Agent and other company contact information
  • Vessel contact information

Using the phone’s built-in “hyperlink” an email, SMS or telephone call can be performed with just one click.


Rest Hour Analyzer

Using the OMEGA Rest Hour Analyzer it is possible for the office, in a very easy way, to monitor all rest hour registrations received from the vessels. With built-in fast search routines a non conformance overview including explanation of violation can easily be shown.

Using the OMEGA Rest Hour Analyzer it is possible for the office, in a very easy way, to monitor all rest hour registrations received from the vessels. With built-in fast search routines a non conformance overview including explanation of violation can easily be shown.

Selections can be made in order to customize to print and overview on different parameters, such as:

  • Period (month, quarterly, yearly)
  • Vessel (or group of vessels)
  • Rank (or group of ranks)
  • Reason Code
  • Violation rule
  • Rest Hour non conformances by Reason
  • Rest Hour non conformances by Capacity
  • Rest Hour non conformances by Vessel


Summary of non conformance violations can also be shown on request and all results can be transferred directly into MS-Excel for further analyze.

Each Rest Hour calculation can be summarized on the highest level or specified down to each crew member.


OMEGA Tanker Vessel Module

The easy-to-use module is especially designed for shipping companies operating tanker vessels. Using the Tanker Vessel Module will provide a selection of functionalities required to operate a tanker fleet and not least fulfil the increasing number of requirements from major oil companies.

The Tanker Vessel Module utilizes the historic sea service information already stored in OMEGA Millennium. Officer’s tanker certificates can be entered along with their sailing time experience from previous employers. The module requires you to enter tanker requirements for the vessel as set up by vessel’s current employer/oil company. When printing the Officers Matrix, OMEGA will always recalculate and present the resulting matrix based on the currently scheduled crew.


Benefits. Handling the Oil Company’s requirements – Calculating Officers Matrix information – Query on Matrix calculations – Print of Officers Matrix for e.g. OCIMF – Registration of previous tanker experience – Interface and Upload procedure to OCIMF – Interface and Upload procedure to Q88 – Watch Officer calculation – Warning in case of requirement rules violation – Customized calculation of “Years with Operator” – Officers Matrix based on future crew planning

The Tanker Vessel Module supports, among others, the following oil companies’ matrix requirements.


OMEGA Export Module
Module for exporting data from within OMEGA and directly to other programs.
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Acrobat PDF-filer
ODBC-driver (optional)
Microsoft Query (SQL-Monitor)


OMEGA Ferry and Turn Planning Module
This module is specially designed for the ferry and passenger ships and is also tightly integrated with our Gangway Control Module. Turnplanning, overtime registration, resthour, firefight registration, firedrill registration, IMO Crew Lists, visitor list is just some of the routines in this program/module, which is designed to use on board the vessel.


OMEGA Web Application Form is a web solution, which makes it possible for seafarer applicants to send application forms directly into OMEGA from the company’s own website. The Application Form can be individually designed in order to have it as a built-in solution with the com-pany’s existing web site. Look-up boxes and drop-down boxes can be linked to existing OMEGA data-base to make sure that identical needed information is available on the web site as well as inside OMEGA. The Application Form will as default be integrated in existing web-site forms, but it’s also possible to ap-pear as a pop-up window. OMEGA’s built-in TO-DO function will notify the us-ers of the WebForm user group whenever new appli-cation forms are received.


Remote Agency Login
Module for Agent connection through the Internet to OMEGA.
The primary purpose is to set addional limitations for the remote users of OMEGA.


Electronic Document Handling

Electronic document handling (E-doc) is a module, which makes it possible to hold documents, scanned pictures, reports and several other extern files, which can be attached to a person, who is set in OMEGA. The purpose as quick and easy to view and look through the different documents and pictures, when a person has been found in OMEGA. The electronic documents can easily be shown, changed, printed or mailed on by the help of OMEGA’s built-in mail program: OMEGA Mail.