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The history of Soft-Team begins in 1984.

As a normal IT development and software company, Soft-Team was developing customized administrative software solutions for various IT platforms, such as Mainframe, Unix and PC. Among the many different software solutions we created, one of them was a payroll software for a major Danish shipping company. That was the beginning of OMEGA. In the middle of 1989 Denmark introduced the Danish DIS flag, and at the same time our DIS Payroll program was developed as OMEGA version 1. The cooperation was signed between Soft-Team and 3 major Danish shipping companies and as of today we still cooperate together.

Since then we have put all our effort into making OMEGA one the maritime markets best software solutions for payroll and crewing. We continue to develop, improve and extend the software solutions, both for office use and onboard the vessels. The solutions today covers everything from payroll to crew management.

Please find below a short timeline for the history of Soft-Team:



2016 New HQ office in Copenhagen
2016 New agent in Germany
2015 Singapore office / Helsinki represent
2012 TISAB AB Sweden
2011 SeaSolutions DK
2007 SeaPay business partner
2005 IBM business partner
2002 OMEGA Version 3
1999 Maersk Data business partner
1996 OMEGA version 2
1990 OMEGA version 1
1989 Current directors enter the Management
1984 Soft-Team founded