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About Soft-Team

Soft-Team I/S was established in 1984 and is one of the leading providers of payroll and crew management software solutions for the maritime industry. Since 1989 we have developed, delivered and served ship owners, ship managers and crew managers world-wide.


From 1999 the relationship between Soft-Team I/S and our companion company, SeaPay ApS, has matured. We have since then built good customer solutions. Since the very beginning our skills and professional knowledge have been focused on payroll and crew management. We perform all development ourselves and it is important for us to control the process from the beginning to the end in order to deliver the quality and service we are known for. We continue to update and improve our solutions, in order to provide one of the best crew management solutions. Together, Soft-Team I/S and SeaPay ApS offer global shipping customers competent, loyal and dedicated seafarer crew management, payroll and accounting support. Our employees have a total of more than 100 years of experience, including extensive and in-depth knowledge of IT and business aspects pertaining to the shipping industry. 


As a natural extension to the inspiring and valuable cooperation built during many years between Soft-Team, SeaPay and the third company Solverminds Ltd, we have established a company named SeaSolutions ApS. SeaSolutions is set up as a jointly owned Danish company headquartered and located in the city centre of Copenhagen – but with other offices (and representatives) located in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland, India, Malaysia and Singapore.