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SEAMANAGER Onboard Module (UK)



SEAMANAGER – when demanding top performance on board the vessel.

SEAMANAGER is a standard solution that can be tailored to your needs – and it can be integrated with other IT systems, for example human resource systems and payroll systems. SEAMANAGER is a comprehensive administration solution managing administrative tasks of the vessel – crew management, payroll, vessel’s account, radio accounts, port call administration, vessel certificates, rest hour registrations etc.



The SEAMANAGER solution offers you a wide range of benefits:

 Standard reports and administrative routines

 Eases the Master’s administrations tasks

 Customised to specific requirements

 Rest hour documentation according to ILO 180

 Easy generation of port papers

 Administration of international crews

 Multiple currency support

 Integration with a variety of other systems

 Fulfils USCG reporting requirements for e-NOA/D  


Great flexibility

One of SeaManager’s unique features is its great flexibility in usage, design and technology. The program is installed on the vessel and may:

 Be customized to business requirements 

 Run independently on the vessel,  or

 Run integrated with our office system Omega Millennium – via satellite. This means that data only has to be entered once  



A number of reports are available in SEAMANAGER, meeting the requirements of the vessels and the shipping company. The reports include documents and files required by port authorities. All reports can be printed as PDF.  


Crew Management Section is used to sign on/off personnel and to change their capacity/duty status if necessary. This section is also used to enter and maintain data regarding the crew.

Port Information Section This section allows you to register the requirements for port documents in connection with ports of call, both arrivals and departures.

Payroll Section enables you to enter and view payroll details for crewmembers. The Ships Account and the crew’s individual accounts can be maintained and printed.

Crew Appraisal Section is used to print performance evaluation forms and to register the appraisal results.

Rest Hour Registration Section (ILO 180) helps the Master and the ship owner to achieve full control with rest hour registrations and to properly document any breach of regulations.

Slop Chest Section keeps track of crewmembers’ consumption of items in the slop chest and maintains the inventory.

Radio Accounts Section allows you to handle the accounting of communication costs to and from the vessel.

Victualling helps the user to manage the victualling stock onboard your vessel and maintains the inventory.
Vessel Certificate Section enables you to manage the vessel’s certificates. This section includes an extensive alarm feature.

MLC 2006 compliant: MLC Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 Standard A2.3 – Hours of work and hours of rest.